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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Xel-Ha, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Cancun is huge on tourism and has a ton of different options for things to do. Some of the popular day activities include 3 “amusement parks” called Xplor, Xcaret & Xel-Ha. You will not find roller coasters at these places, but instead adventures that submerge you into the nature and culture of the Riviera Maya. We chose to go to Xel-Ha (pronounced "Shell - Ha") based off of recommendations from friends. At Xel-Ha, you can snorkel their huge, beautiful cove full of fish, turtle & rays. Other activities include zip lining, bike riding through the jungle, floating through the lazy river, exploring cenotes, spa services, dolphin encounters, ray encounters, manatee encounters, lounging in one of the thousands of hammocks, tanning, eating & drinking. With your admission price you get all day free food and drink (even the liquor!!). It was an incredibly beautiful place that gave us an equal amount of fun, exploration and relaxation. I would highly recommend Xel-Ha if you are visiting the Riviera Maya.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Boyfriend Jeans and Boyfriend Bands

One of my favorite ways to style Closet Creep Crop Tanks is with an awesome pair of boyfriend jeans. They made their appearance this last fall and will definitely be around for a while. Grab yourself a pair of boyfriend jeans and a few crop tanks for a flawless, trendy look. This Iron Maiden one is up for grabs in the Etsy Shop. 
P.S. How cute is this pink brick bungalow I found in my neighborhood?!?!

What I Was Wearing:

Jeans: Forever 21
Wedges: JustFab

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Scuba Diving Cancun

We booked our Cancun trip without really looking into the scuba diving. Luckily, Cancun has amazing diving. The reef that runs along the coast and down to Cozumel is the second largest reef in the world (The Great Barrier Reef in Australia being the first). 
After searching all over the internet for where to dive and what company to dive with, we decided to go with Coconut Divers. I found them on with tons of amazing reviews. Scuba diving can be dangerous, so I always trust trip advisor reviews to head me in the right direction. All of the staff at Coconut Divers were incredibly helpful & friendly. This place was the best price around as well. With amazing reviews and amazing prices, I could not say "No"!

On our first day of diving, we dove the Underwater Museum. This was totally a dream come true for me. All those pictures I pinned on Pinterest actually came to life! The museum is filled with tons of statues that you can swim around and stare out for days. We also dove part of the reef which was filled with tons of amazing fish & colorful coral. 

The second dive we did was a WW2 shipwreck dive. This dive is 85ft-90ft deep and totally worth it. We were able to swim inside of the ship and all the way around the outside of it as well. This spot is a popular spot to see Eagle Rays and I am so glad they showed up for us too. You could look up from the ocean floor and see the Eagle Rays swimming above as if they were birds in the sky. If you are certified to dive this deep, I definitely recommend this shipwreck dive while visiting Cancun.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

80's Red & Camo Cool

Threw together a few pieces from my Vintage Etsy Shop to bring you today's look. When I found this 80's red dress while treasure hunting, I almost died with excitement! The knit material gives it a sung fit and the collar detail is one of a kind. I paired it with this vintage camo button front jacket, Nectar Clothing Statement Necklace and Jeffery Campbell Booties for a cool street style look.

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