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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Santa Barbara Fes Parker and Solvang Wine

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to join a fun group of ladies for a Bachelorette celebration up in Santa Barbara. We stayed at the Fes Parker, a Double Tree hotel by Hilton, and I can easily say it is the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. The views from every angle of this place point you right toward the ocean. The staff was always super friendly and helpful, I am sure putting up with a Bachelorette Party couldn't have been easy! We hired a bus for the day to drive us up to Solvang (about 45min) to visit 3 different wineries. The views up there were just as amazing as by the Santa Barbara ocean. It was a fast, fun 24 hours and I can't wait to go back to explore more of Santa Barbara. 

What I Was Wearing:

Wedges: Just Fab

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Living Desert - Palm Desert - CA

Remember how much I talk about loving Southern California because there is SO much to do. The perfect thing about where I live in Riverside is that it is 45 minutes away from everything! Beaches, desert, snow, big cities.... you name it, and we can drive there. For Devon's birthday I was lucky enough to play hooky from the real world and escape to the desert.... the living desert that is!
In Palm Desert, CA lies the most unique sort of zoo. The living desert specializes in deserts from Africa to North America. We saw giraffe, zebra, tortoise, wolves, leopards, cougars and tons of bird species just to name a few. One of my favorite parts was the insane amount of cactus in this place. 
If you are ever on your way to/from Palm Springs and have a good 4-5 hours to spend, I highly recommend paying a visit. Don't forget to bring an extra $5 to feed the giraffes either! Seriously incredible!!!

What I Was Wearing:

Tank: Nectar Clothing
Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Denim
Booties: Asos
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators
Purse: Volcom

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Colonial City & A Cenote - Yucatan, Mexico

Included in our tour of Chichen Itza (blogged here), was a tour of a Colonial Mayan City called Valladolid. We stopped here for a little exploration, a delicious lunch and local shopping. I loved this city purely for the architecture. There is this massive church that sets the scene for the rest of the pastel painted buildings. In the middle of the town square is a small park with a fountain and tons of "Lover's Chairs". It is such a picturesque city and a great way to immerse yourself in the culture on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Just a few blacks away from the city, lies a huge cenote. A cenote is a natural sinkhole caused by collapsed limestone. It is said that the ancient Mayans used the cenotes as a means to sacrifice offerings to the gods. Seeing a cenote in real life was breathtaking. this one in particular was very large. We were fully prepared to jump in for a swim, but our tour guide advised us not to. The water has so many natural minerals in it that your skin could react negatively to it. And because there are no showers around to rinse off, they advise you not to. Honestly, I wish we would have jumped in anyways. There were a few locals and tourists enjoying the fresh water regardless. Cenotes are all over the Yucatan Peninsula, so if you are visiting, make sure to find one!

What I Was Wearing:

Romper: Forever 21
Shoes: Nike
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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